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Wheatgrass for Hypothyroidism

Green juice For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism sucks!

I am grateful, however, that I went through it because before hypothyroidism I knew practically nothing about food or how our body works.

At first, I thought I was just aging.

I started feeling tired little by little. My skin became dry, nails brittle.

Then I put on like 32 pounds out of nowhere. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t know what at the time, I just had a gut feeling that I needed to do something about it.

I was just so fatigued and couldn’t seem to lose weight no matter what. I was at my heaviest and I thought I was “watching what I ate”.

It was bad!

Some days were just worse than others and that’s when I made the decision that I was going to figure this thing out.

One of the first things I started to look into was greens (it’s how I heard about wheatgrass.)

I was not much of a vegetable eater back in 2012.

I was more of a bacon eater and just the thought of eating something green gave my face a disgusted type of look.

However, as I started reading up on thyroid health, I learned about 2 common deficiencies when you are hypothyroid

These two nutrients (along with cholesterol) are NEEDED to produce hormones, including thyroid hormone.

If you lack these two nutrients, then your thyroid may be sluggish and not be able to produce the amount of hormones the body needs to regulate its metabolism. That’s why they say that one of the key benefits of wheatgrass is that it boosts metabolism. That’s because it gives the thyroid these 2 key nutrients it needs to produce hormones.

Now, as I mention in my free email newsletter, getting the body to produce hormones is the first step towards fixing your thyroid issues.

The next step is to make sure that the liver can convert the thyroid hormone T4 into the active form T3 so the body can use it. It gets under my skin that hypothyroidism is only defined as having an underactive thyroid because even if your thyroid is producing enough T4, if the liver can’t convert it into T3 then it’s almost as if the thyroid hadn’t made the hormone to begin with.

That’s why some people who take T4 only feel like crap regardless. If you feel better when you take T4 and T3 then that’s a huge indicator that you need to look into your liver. This is another great benefit of wheatgrass. It’s a natural liver cleanser.

If the liver is too toxic, it may be sluggish and unable to convert T4 into T3 so it’s important to clean it regularly.

Now even if the liver is clean, you need to make sure that you give the liver the right nutrients so it can do its job. One of these nutrients is protein, but it must be bioavailable protein.

Wheatgrass is an amazing source of amino acids and it also helps me explain what I mean by bioavailable protein.

See, wheatgrass is made by sprouting wheat and letting it grow into grass. So you know how wheat is demonized for having gluten (a very hard to digest protein?)… well gluten is a protein, and yes, modern day gluten is very hard to break down. Think of it like a long chain. Every link represents an amino acid and the longer the chain, the more it takes to break it down into single links which are amino acids.

Think of wheat as a very hard to break and very long chain of amino acids… now think of wheatgrass as the single links, just the amino acids which is the already digested and broken down protein for you. That’s what makes it bioavailable, it’s already been digested so your body can use it.

Your body struggles with proteins that are hard to digest, but it NEEDS amino acids or bioavailable protein that it can use so it can function.

That’s why they say one of the benefits of wheatgrass is the amino acids it provides. It’s bioavailable protein. This is protein that the liver can use to convert the thyroid hormone T4 into T3.

This is why, if you are going to eat grains, or nuts (like Brazil nuts for selenium), it’s important to soak them and activate the enzymes so they can sprout. In fact another benefit of wheatgrass is that it provides enzymes needed for digestion.

If you have hypothyroidism, you probably have a lot of inflammation. Inflammation happens when you have undigested proteins in the body. If the body can’t break down protein, it builds mucus around it to protect itself. That’s why gluten tends to cause mucus build up in your gut. It’s an undigested protein.

Wheatgrass provides good enzymes to help digest these proteins. That’s why to reduce inflammation and give my body more bioavailable protein, I used wheatgrass in addition to my pineapple papaya smoothie I share on my homepage.

Last benefit of wheatgrass for hypothyroidism is Vitamin D.

Now, this one took me a while to learn.

I started taking vitamin D supplements because I used to get sunburn easily. Later I found that while you can monitor and measure your levels of Vitamin D, it was better to get it from the sun.

To get Vitamin D from the sun you need two things… clean skin and chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a nutrient found in wheatgrass and it’s what basically turns your skin into a solar panel. It allows your skin to absorb nutrients from the sun to be able to make Vitamin D, but only if your skin is clean. Your skin doesn’t burn, it’s the toxins in your skin that burn. Chlorophyll actually helps clean those toxins as well.

So to me wheatgrass has been a food staple to help with my hypothyroidism.

Let me summarize the benefits of wheatgrass I covered above:

  • Chlorophyll for Vitamin D
  • Natural liver cleanser
  • Amino acids (bioavailable protein)
  • Enzymes for digestion
  • Selenium
  • and electrolytes like magnesium and calcium

There’s many more benefits, but these are the most important that apply to hypothyroidism.

Here’s how I go about taking wheatgrass myself.

I either juice or get it in powder form and add it to drinks.

I personally drink this green juice  every morning, which contains wheatgrass in powder form. It takes me less than 20 seconds to add two scoops into a quart size mason jar and fill it up with clean drinking water.

My daily routine is…

Wake up
Drink at least 16 oz of clean drinking water as soon as I wake up
Prepare my green juice and I sip on it throughout the morning.

My green juice is practically my breakfast.

When I have a little more time, I juice at home and either make wheatgrass shots or just make a green juice with wheatgrass as one of my ingredients.

Wheatgrass can be tricky to juice. I actually have two juicers for this reason. I have a Kuvingswhich has a wide mouth and allows me to juice without having to cut or prep much so it’s faster. It’s good for big items, but not so much for smaller items.

For smaller items like wheatgrass I prefer to use my Omega juicer which has a smaller mouth, smaller screen and yields me more juice.

That’s how you can use wheatgrass to boost your metabolism, restore fertility and balance your hormones, improve digestion and boost your immune system.


Limited time only – You can now try the same green juice I drink for free… just pay shipping and handling.

Let me know what you liked best about this blog!

Leave me a comment below!


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